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Navelina: slightly oval shaped orange with an intense orange colour. It has a high juice content, is very sweet and has no pips.

Navel: round or slightly flat orange, orange in colour. Its flesh is juicy, sweet and has a high juice content. It has no pips.

Navel lane late: orange which is similar to the navel: oval shaped and orange in colour. Its juice is light, yellowy orange coloured and not very acidic. It has no pips.

Sanguinelli: it is an exotic citrus fruit with an oval shape, orange in colour with intense red patches. Its juice is an intense red colour, acidic and very aromatic.


Orogrande: orange coloured mandarin, slightly flat shape, its juice is very sweet. It is easy to peel and contains no pips.

Clemenville: intense reddish orange coloured mandarin. It has a high juice content, its flesh is tender and sweet. It has no pips.
Gourmet Oranges considers this mandarin one of the best varieties on the market even though it is difficult to peel.

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