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BOX 10KG ORANGES: orange which is similar to the navel: oval shaped and orange in colour. Its juice is light, yellowy orange coloured and not very acidic. It has no pips.

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30,00 € tax incl.

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Navel lane late: orange which is similar to the navel: oval shaped and orange in colour. Its juice is light, yellowy orange coloured and not very acidic. It has no pips.

What we do

We deliver freshly picked oranges and/or mandarins to your home.  We pick them only when they are at their optimum maturity, that is to say, the oranges and/or mandarins are matured on the tree.  We do not use cold stores to keep them in.  We transport them direct from the tree to your home.

The process is as follows:
1. We receive your order
2. We pick the oranges from the trees
3. We package them
4. We send them to your home by express courier service

Orders may be placed on our website  24h/24h, seven days a week. 
You will immediately receive an email indicating that your order has been received and providing an order confirmation.
The oranges and/or mandarins are sent via an express courier company. 
If a first delivery is done and nobody is at home home, a note, indicating that delivery was attempted will be left.  On this note you will find a contact number that you can phone to contact the delivery company to arrange a convenient time for delivery.  If you prefer you can also collect the oranges and/or mandarins personally at the depot.  
If you were not to contact them, they would re deliver to your address the next day.  
Delivery days
All orders are received in our online store from Monday to Sunday.  They are prepared and sent the next Monday and they will arrive at your home approximately 3-4 days after they leave our warehouse 
You should normally receive your order on Thursday or Friday.  If it is not convenient for you to receive the order on these days you can send us an email to  indicating which day you would like to receive the order.  
Credit Card: Safe and simple way of paying. You require only to complete your personal details and those of your credit card on our payment gateway.
Your payment details will be fully protected, the payment service is managed by our bank and we have no access to details.
Pay Pal: Completely secure payment system due to no bank details having to be completed on the web page.  You require only to open an account on the web page You will be given a user name and password which should be used to make payments over the internet without having to give bank details.

Guarantees and returns

Replacement guarantee
Gourmet Oranges offers a replacement guarantee during 10 days from the date you receive the oranges/mandarins. 
This guarantee is included in the price.  You need not pay more for it.
Warranty terms
The oranges and/or mandarins should be stored in a cool dry place, never exposed to direct sunlight, rain or condensation. They may be stored at room temperature (as long as this is not below 1°C) or in the fridge. The guaranteed period is 8 days from the delivery of the box. This guarantee also covers those pieces of fruit which have been damaged during transportation. This guarantee includes the oranges and/or mandarins which go bad as well as those which are dry or damaged.
We recommend that you check the oranges and/or mandarins during the period they are kept in your home. If any should be seen to be spoiled, they should be removed to avoid spoiling those next to them.  
It is highly recommended as well that, whenever possible, some of the oranges and/or mandarins are removed from the box and stored elsewhere.  This will allow all of them to be better aerated and will reduce the risk of them going bad. 
If quality problems were detected with the box when delivered, please send us an email to replacement@gourmetoranges.cominforming us about the units that have been received deteriorated and we will send you a discount's code that will be applied in your next order via our web site and will be taken into consideration in the corresponding invoice.

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