What is the replacement guarantee?
Our product is guaranteed for a period of 10 days from the reception of your order. If during this time any of the oranges and/or mandarins go bad, please, send us an email to replacement@gourmetoranges.com informing us and we will send you a discount's code that will be applied in your next order in our shop online. 
How is the replacement done?
When placing your following order, you should indicate the received discount code in the corresponding box.  The discount will be then be calculated and taken into consideration in the invoice.
Some of the oranges and/or mandarins have arrived spoiled.  What should I do?
At Gourmet Oranges we are so convinced of the quality of our oranges that we offer a replacement guarantee, therefore, if one or various oranges have arrived spoiled, let us know immediately as we can send you your discount code.    
How long do the oranges and/or mandarins take to arrive?
The oranges and/or mandarins take approximately 3 or 4 days to arrive at your home once they leave Spain.   
Are deliveries of oranges and mandarins sent every day?  
No, oranges and mandarins are only sent on Mondays and Tuesdays.
When are the oranges and mandarins picked?  
The oranges and mandarins are picked the same day as they are sent.  That is to say, the oranges which are sent on Monday are picked on Monday morning and the oranges which are sent on Tuesday are picked on Tuesday morning.  
When will the oranges be delivered?  
The oranges which are sent on Mondays are usually delivered between Wednesday andThursday and those sent on Tuesdays are usually delivered between Thursday and Friday.
How do I know when the oranges will arrive?  
If you place your order on Monday, the oranges will leave Spain on Tuesday and if there are no problems they will be delivered on Thursday.  Placing your order between Tuesday and Sunday, the oranges and/or mandarins will leave Spain the following Monday and if there are no problems they will be delivered on Wednesday. 
Why are no orders of oranges and mandarins sent from Wednesday to Sunday?  
No orders of oranges or mandarins are sent from Wednesday to Sunday because if they were sent those days they would not arrive until Monday due to the fact that the transport agencies do not work at weekends and this would extend the delivery time too much. Our philosophy is to always supply our products as fresh as possible.  
Which is the best way to store the oranges and mandarins?  
The oranges and/or mandarins should be stored in a cool and dry place, not exposed to direct sunlight or to the rain.  They may be stored at room temperature (as long as this is not below 1°C) or in the fridge.  
We recommend that the product is removed from the box and stored in two or three different places.  This means that if one piece of fruit was to go bad, it will avoid that the rest go bad as well.   
How long will they last?
Due to them being freshly picked, they will last in perfect condition a minimum of 10 days since they are delivered to you. 
How can I place my order?
Orders can be placed on the internet via our online shop.  
How do I pay?
You can pay with a credit card or using Pay Pal. 
When I receive the order do I have to pay the delivery costs?
No, the delivery costs are already included in the end product's price and this was paid when you placed your order at our online shop.
I have not received my order satisfactorily.  What can I do?
If you are not satisfied with your order or you have had problems with the transport agency, please send us an email toinfo@gourmetoranges.com explaining what happened and we will satisfy you the best way we can helping you to find a solution.
Where are the oranges from?
The oranges and mandarins are directly picked from different orchards located in Fortaleny, a village in the Valencia's province.  
Some of these oranges and mandarins are our own and others come from other crop farmers in the area.  
I would like to make a gift and include a personal card with the order.  Is this possible?
Yes, you should indicate in the comments section that it is a gift and indicate the delivery address where it has to be sent to.  If you wish, you can also include a note or personal message that we will include on the card.  
I want to receive the order at a different address.  What should I do?
During the purchase process, you can select a delivery address from you address book or insert a new address by selecting “send to a different address”.  
I want to place a large order for the whole company.  What should I do?
If you want to place a very large order, please send us an email to the following address: info@gourmetoranges.com . We will make you an extra discount based on the order volume. 
Do I need to store them in the fridge?
They do not require to be stored in the fridge, they can be stored at room temperature without any problems.  You require only to ensure that they are not close to heat sources (near radiators, fires or in areas where they receive a lot of sunlight).  They should not be subject to temperatures below 1ºC either. It is highly recommend that, whenever possible, some of the oranges and/or mandarins are removed from the box and stored elsewhere.  This will allow all of them to be better aerated and will reduce the risk of them going bad.
Which days can I receive oranges and/or mandarins?
They can be delivered on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

How are the oranges prepared for shipping?
The oranges are picked from the trees just before the order is prepared and placed in 5Kg &10Kg boxes depending on the order.
What happens if the delivery takes place when there is no one at home? 
If a first delivery is dones at your address and there is no one at home, a note, indicating that delivery was attempted and that a second one will be done the next day.  On this note you will find a contact number which you can phone to find out when they will deliver again.  If you prefer you can also collect the order personally at the depot.  
It is also possible that they will phone you to arrange another day for delivery if they were unable to deliver the order the first time.  
Important: There is no problem with the oranges being an extra day in the depot, they last for 10days without problems.
What happens if the delivery of my order is delayed? 
If your order is delayed you can send us an email to info@gourmetoranges.com and we will inform you of the status of your order and when is the delivery scheduled again.
What languages can I use to contact you?
At gourmet oranges we speak Spanish, English, French and Italian.  

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